Liverpool Business Fair: Workshops Announced

Liverpool Business Fair: Workshops Announced

We are pleased to announce  our schedule of business workshops for this year’s Liverpool Business Fair on 20th March at Anfield.  Workshops will be taking place in the Anfield Code on the 3rd Floor of LFC’s new main stand, so just one floor down from the exhibition area on Floor 4.

All of the workshops are free to attend so why not come along and take advantage of this great opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge and insights to help grow your business.

Workshop Schedule Click here to book your free places now

10.45am: Telemarketing Tactics – Getting Past the Gatekeeper
You don’t know who makes the decisions? Here’s how the receptionist will help you. And some other ways you may not have thought of.  An interactive workshop with pointers to bring in more customers to your business.  Whether your prospective clients are big multi-nationals or small independents, this workshop will help you reach the Decision Maker.
Delivered by Mary Doyle, Cheshire Telemarketing

11.00am: How to get the best value from your online marketing spend
In this session Jonathan Guy from Aqueous Digital will cover some do’s and don’ts when it comes to advertising your business online, including how to avoid wasting money on Google PPC.
Delivered by Jonathan Guy, Aqueous Digital

12.30pm: Psychology of Networking
·    We will look at the basics of making networking work for you
·    The secrets to relationship building in business
·    How to connect quickly and turn contacts into customers
·    5 A’s of the deep subconscious mind
·    4 personality types
Delivered by Andy Guile, International Coaching Academy

1.50pm Workshop: Is Digital Disruptive for Marketers?
In this talk Andrew Sherratt of SPA Professional Academy will explore how people are changing the way they interact with organisations, exploring where this is disrupting the marketing environment through digital technologies. Through exploration of how customer behaviour is changing through the use of mobile and the internet of things, along with the new technologies still developing Andrew will explore the impact this has on organisations and marketers in particular. Recommendations for strategies to manage the disruptive digital environment will be made to ensure advantage can be taken of the changing landscape.
Delivered by Andrew Sherratt, SPA Professional Academy

2.15pm Workshop: 5 Step Sales process
Description of the simple five stage process to sales success. A process that when used correctly will enable a person to confidently control sales interactions such that clients would buy into and see value in doing business with the sales person.

Discovering who is showing polite interest and who is thirsting for a solution – the 80/20% rule that avoids wasting your time – and your clients’ time too.

1 Establish rapport – the methods for how to achieve and maintain this, almost instantly, with anyone.

2 Ask questions – how to use questions to discover useful information about your client. How to discover their reassurance strategy, and anchor it for later.

3 Find a need – how to establish need or value. How to propose a solution to this for the client. The value of discovering no need or value. How ‘no’ may actually be your best friend!

4 Link the need or value to your product or service – how to propose that your product or service will provide the solution to the problem you uncovered earlier.

5 Seal the deal – ask for the order – if yes then how to future pace the client. Fire the reassurance anchor, to avoid buyers remorse later.

Handling objections: The four objections to sales – The four answers to objections- The four most commonly used close methods: the order blank close, the direct request close, the alternative choice close and the sharp angle close.
Delivered by Marc McDermott


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